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Jan. 7th, 2016 08:30 pm

Ivina Darcann
Original Character

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Jan. 7th, 2016 02:05 pm
Ivina of Darcann. Female. 25-35 years old (physically). Salimdorian.
6'0" tall. Extra-Dimensional Cosmic Entity (or "Resonant" in-universe).

The Witch Queen of Salimdor. Wielder of the a very ancient and immensely powerful cosmic force called the Flame Primordial. Supreme ruler and commander of a magocratic society in the world of Mordrah. Coming from more humble beginnings, Ivina used her charisma and leadership skill to climb her way to the throne of her downtrodden nation, and bring back pride to her people. She is a hero to many, but a tyrant to some.

INTJ. Choleric.

♦ Charismatic and intelligent ruler, Ivina rules her nation with brutal efficiency, maintaining peace throughout multiple worlds and reformed tired systems and customs. She appears to have full control of her people, and is worshiped by many cultures as a god. Based on achievements alone she has already outdone all her predecessors combined, but at the cost of many lives of citizens she deemed a "burden" to society (i.e. the poor, the disabled, criminals, and the unruly).
♦ She, however, is open-minded and adapts good customs and traditions from other civilizations into her own. She honors those who stood up against her, and shows respect to customs of each world and their people.
♦ Ivina is a cunning tactician, preferring to break people's wills into submitting to her before escalating to violent action. She had voiced her dislike in killing civilians if she can avoid it, but wouldn't hesitate if she has to. She has some sense of honor, and respects people who she sees as worthy of it, particularly those who are strong both physically and emotionally. Though she remains pragmatic in warfare, preferring the use of deception, psychological warfare, divide-and-conquer, superior force, and assassins.
♦ Ivina is determined and driven to achieve her goals to the point she's ambitious and demanding of her servants. She generously rewards anyone who she deems useful.
♦ Despite her tyranny, Ivina is not completely heartless. She shows a softer side of her personality from time to time. Before becoming a monarch, Ivina was a knight, obedient and loyal to her nation. She can be caring to her compatriots and her people. That attitude still lives as she values and rewards obedience and loyalty from her subjects to further manipulate them. She can be kinder towards children and the elderly, and finds sexual violence and slavery to be repulsive. She shows sympathy towards people from oppressed and war riddled nations, and shows kindness to her servants and soldiers who do their jobs well.

♦ Arrogant and prideful. She believes her immense powers give her the right to rule and protect, and that true peace is achieved through superior strength. Even though this also make her protective of the "weak", and is repulsed by actions of the strong picking on those who can't fight back. Ivina also extorts other civilizations to provide for Salimdor in exchange for her protection against their shared enemies.
♦ Greedy and manipulative of her own allies. She lies and uses her tragic past as an excuse to rally her people to fight for her. Her manipulative personality makes Ivina is good at deducing people and their behaviors, able to tell when people are lying.
♦ Sarcastic and cold. Ivina has little tolerance for empty small talk and stupid questions, to the point she might even threaten violence on people who irritate her.
♦ Enjoys a hedonistic lifestyle during her free time, believing a queen should be the example of all things good. She wants her people to be as jovial with each other as she is with them. She grew to become a materialistic person once she gained power. She collects gemstones, meteorites, and artifacts of great historical, spiritual, and sentimental value from lands she conquered.
♦ Holds some prejudices towards non-human species due to her past with them.
♦ Hypocritical on certain subjects. Despite her distaste of slavery and rape, she isn't above to coercing people to be part of her harem, claiming they are there willingly. Despite her respect to the strong, Ivina isn't above to putting them out of the picture if she deems them to be a potential threat to her in the future.

Likes: Salimdor itself, ruling and managing her empire, waging war and conquering other worlds, Lawbringer (her mace), other cultures, fighting worthy opponents, hunting down Mordrahn dragons, revenge (only when its personal), causing mass destruction on her enemies, superweapons, winning, order, history, wealth and power, collecting rare materials and artifacts, fireplaces, living a hedonistic lifestyle, painting, sculpting, music (she appreciates it, and sometimes composes her own), high fashion (hats, accessories, and clothing in general), cleanliness, stargazing, sweets, spicy food, steak, bathing, meditating, outer space, planetary and stellar-scale megastructures, fairy tales, teaching.

Dislikes: Any threats to her power, incompetence, self-righteousness, braggarts, insecurity, slavery, rape, keeping up appearances, ingrates, religion, any attempts to harm her empire and its people, burdens to society, stupid questions, idle small-talk and excessive talkers, false information, boredom, traveling long distances, idle rulers, cowards, disorder, corrupt officials, rebels and traitors, bandits and pirates or criminals in general, ugly creatures (like orcs and seafolk), awful smells, slums, bland tasting food, freesias, Alonite, Aldunari (i.e. gods).

First Impressions:

(Dormant Form)

▶ Visual: Tall and voluptuous, with a multiracial appearance. Ivina projects her queenly demeanor in the way she moves and carries herself. She has a straight posture and an elegant and feminine strut. She makes it a point to be well-groomed. She has rose pink hair and piercing amber eyes that glare at everything and everyone (which intimidates weak-willed people). While her powers are "awakened", her sclera turns black and her irises glow. When using her powers, the designs on parts of her clothes light up.

▶ Aural: She sounds calm even if her voice projects a loud aura of authority. However, whenever she is relaxing or alone with someone she likes, her voice turns to a softer, haunting tone. When her powers are awakened, her voice has a slight reverb to it. Whenever in a bad mood or feeling sassy, her tone of voice drips of condescension.

▶ Olfactory: She smells of smoky and earthy tones, like cedarwood.

▶ Demeanor: Fitting for a queen, Ivina is as graceful and elegant as she is imperious and cunning. She always maintains her calm and collected appearance. Her head is always held high and she walks with loud confidence. With this, she is always seem unapproachable and aloof. She tends to cross her legs whenever she sits, and rest her cheek on her hand. She always seems unimpressed by everything, even in battle against enemies she doesn't think are strong enough. She'll smugly grin, brush off, or even laugh off attacks directed at her (even the ones that actually manage to hurt her) as a psychological tactic. When fighting stronger ones though, she gets visibly excited.


(Awakened Form)

Mordrahn Physiology: As highly evolved species, Mordrahns have reached extreme levels of physical capacity far superior to humans, making them seem like gods to less advanced species, and can even increase it further with their ability to control physical matter. Ivina's strength and toughness are especially noteworthy, that when added with her ferocity makes her a terrifying foe to many.
Arsenal: In certain situations such as a open field battle or a duel, Ivina uses a giant mace that could be turned into a flail as her weapon of choice. It produces blade-like protrusions of violet energy when activated. It can forcibly pull enemies to itself by using gravitational forces. When imbued with her magic and malice, this blunt weapon has the ability to smash its targets apart at the atomic level, effectively disintegrating them. It can be resisted by specialized metals or magical defenses. It can transform into a staff when not in combat use. She also wears a full-plate armor when going to war, made of Avur which is a nigh-unbreakable glass-like material that is powered by the wearer's Resonance.
"Resonance" & "the Flame Primordial": Wielder of the powers of the primordial entity Mordu (the Flame Primordial), Ivina is considered one of, if not the most powerful "Resonant" entity in Mordrah. Ivina's reality warping powers are seemingly limitless, allowing her massive control of matter, energies, fundamental forces, space-time, and even metaphysical things such as concepts, life/death, souls, and reality itself. She can augment/inhibit/bestow power to others, cast curses, create wormholes/black holes/portals and ghost-like creatures, and cancel supernatural attacks before they are cast. She also has very strong resistance to supernatural attacks and is powerful enough to break many spells and curses (it is worth noting that this also applies even to conceptual magic). Using cosmic flame tends to be her favored basic attack from her vast arsenal.


Alonite / Anti-Magic: In her world, there is a substance called Alonite that can temporarily disrupt her powers, reducing her to a more vulnerable state. Any form of anti-magic can work effectively against Ivina. Her ultimate weakness however, is the counter-artifact to the Flame Primordial called the Aether Primordial, which immediately negates anything she does with the Flame's power, reducing her to a state that can be defeated.
Close-combat: While she is no slouch in a tussle and has training in melee combat from her days as a soldier, a master at this art can really give her trouble once and if they get passed her defenses and get near her. Ivina prefers to overwhelm her enemies with her brute strength, and smashing them (or the ground to temporarily negate gravity in the form of a shockwave) with her mace. Ivina's preferred fighting style makes her slow in comparison with others in the same league as her, but has impeccable timing, ferocity, and toughness to make-up for her lack of speed. However it's still recommended to attack her with a team and/or with good tactics, such as the use of distractions, deception, and taking advantage of the environment.
Arrogance: Ivina tends to hold back and only show her true power when she feels it to be the right time, or to those she deem worthy, so this gives her opponents a lot of chances and time to exploit and find a way to defeat her. This makes her prone to being tricked and outsmarted, especially when she over-plans. Which is why highly skilled people who fight in a very tactical manner, or teams with good coordination tend to be the ones who do well against her. Once she starts realizing things are not going according to her plans, she starts to panic and becomes even more reckless.
Supernatural attacks / weapons: More of a vulnerability than an actual weakness. Attacks from supernatural sources are the only things that can actually harm her, and long-ranged versions are good for taking away her reach advantage. Sufficiently advanced technological weapons can harm her, if they cause damage on an atomic scale.

Genre: Science-Fantasy, with Superhero as an overarching genre
Part I - Overview of Mordrah

Mordrah is a realm of magic and untouched natural wonders. This planet-dimension was named after the ancient "god" of death named Mordu, who is hailed as a benevolent god by ancient Mordrahns. The planet is home to five sapient species, but its the human-like species who now dominate the planet, are regarded as Mordu's only children, which made them feared among the other species. The planet is much like Earth in climate, only larger in size, having more intense gravity and radiation from the larger sun, and all continents are separated by storm-riddled oceans. The flora and fauna has bioluminescence, and at night it can all be seen from space. The planet has eight moons, each named after their ancient deities. Legends spoke of nine, with this destroyed moon representing the aforementioned god Mordu. Legends said that the dust from the moon's destruction is what brought "human" life to Mordrah, and once a person dies, they go to the heavens to reform the long lost moon. Time flows differently in this world. What a hundred years on Earth is only a year in Mordrah.

Despite the denizens of Mordrah's seemingly primitive status, they are actually a very advanced civilization with technology that revolves around magic and other forms of supernatural abilities. They are capable of building spires, pyramids, fortresses and other marvels of engineering much bigger than structures found on Earth. All designed with mathematical precision and built with the use of magic. People of this planetoid are also much more powerful than humans on Earth. They are greater in physical prowess, and possess an immunity to diseases that only humans with advanced physical enhancements can be on par with a regular Mordrahn toddler. Next generation of Mordrahns are raised and birthed from artificial vats, allowing same-sex couples to produce offspring and females not needing to go through pregnancy. Flora and fauna in Mordrah is different to Earth's own, but there are some similarities. Aside from their luminescence, the creatures of Mordrah are generally much larger, there are those that range from the size of a house to the size of a mountain. Same goes for plant-life, for there are flowers and plants large enough to shield a group of people from the rain.

Ivina's empire of Salimdor is one of Mordrah's largest nations. Salimdor is called the "land of golden glass", and sits on the largest deposits of a highly revered material called Avur (or "Evenglass"). It's a precious mineral that has the flexibility and malleability of liquid metal with the appearance of glass or crystalline material. While it is weak in it's rawest form and breaks easily, it's very absorbent of magical and cosmic energies which can make the Avur stronger. When imbued with either mystical or cosmic energies it is nigh unbreakable depending on how much energy it has soaked up. Salimdor's sciences and military forces are the most advanced in Mordrah, and they were the first to create flying ships and heavy and small weaponry powered by magic. Almost all important structures in Mordrah are made of Avur, such as Ivina's palace in the middle of her capital city. Because of her nation's Avur deposits, it is frequently invaded by others until Ivina took charge.

Mordrah's nine largest nations are always vying for control of the planet and star system they all share. Salimdor became the planet's superpower after the invasion of space-traveling factions from other planets, whether lured by the precious resources hidden in the crust of the planet, or for reasons unknown. Since then, Mordrahn nations have forged a fragile alliances, with the Salimdorian military being at the forefront with this war against alien invaders. Many different alien factions have come to Mordrah, and are also at war with each other. But the most dangerous of these invaders are called the Kharun (lit. "The Black Tide"), a highly-intelligent race of aquatic dwellers capable of building machine bodies that house their fragile bodies within.

Salimdor eventually absorbed the other nations under its rule after a massive civil war and repelling of the Kharun invaders, creating a massive multiverse-spanning empire and taking the role as each realm's protector and peacekeeping force. Eventually, the Greater Salimdorian Empire as they call themselves, have encountered another multiverse-spanning faction - a human faction from Earth called the Spiral Consortium comprised of explorers, scientists, businessmen, and a paramilitary force of its own. Ivina and the Consortium have formed a mutual alliance, sharing knowledge with each other up until war eventually broke out between the two factions.

Information about Salimdor's capital city and Ivina's palace can be found: here.
Part II- Ivina's History: (In progress...)


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